How do you brush a square peg’s teeth?

Oh this is such a good question! And do you know what??….I have absolutely NO idea!!

When he was a toddler we were able to pin him down to brush them but as he got older he put up way more resistance (I’m talking screaming and thrashing about) and now we can’t get anywhere near him with a toothbrush. If by some miracle we can get near his teeth he urges and then he’s sick 🤢 (yes, honestly! 🙄)

The next question is what have we tried? So, after reading on the internet I decided to buy flavourless toothpaste and a three sided toothbrush…..

Right! here we go then Edward, these items WILL be the answer! 😂😂😂

So they might have worked if we had been able to get them anywhere near his teeth….*cue screaming, thrashing, urging and spewing…again.

So I’m a bit ashamed to say we have actually given up and we don’t brush his teeth because it’s just too traumatic, for him and us. My only saving grace is that we visit a lovely dentist regularly and Edward does just about cooperate for her, she at least manages to have a quick look in his mouth. So she’s checked his teeth and said there is no decay. I’m just hoping that he takes after me, as for some reason I have bionic teeth that never decay. 🤞

Any more ideas???

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