Reader, I married Me by Sophie Tanner – Book Review

This book is fab. I so enjoyed reading it. It was one of those stories that kept you intrigued and when you weren’t sitting down reading it you were thinking about the story and the characters. If I was out doing my weekly shop or putting the laundry away I was thinking about Chloe and wondering if she would go ahead with her wedding….but this was no ordinary wedding, not between a man and a woman or a same sex wedding, oh no….Chloe was marrying herself, a practice known as Sologamy. I had never heard of this before but actually it totally makes sense.

The story centres around Chloe and how she deals with a break up from the love of her life. With all of her uni friends married and with babies she feels somewhat left out. She feels that single people have to justify themselves and that there is a social stigma attached to being single. During one drunken night over at a mates house, she decides to marry herself, to actually have a huge wedding….whilst still drunk she writes a blog post about it. It’s not until she wakes up the next day to find out her blog went viral and now everyone knows about it and they can’t wait to share their opinions about it.

As someone who has only recently discovered the importance of self care and self love the story spoke to me. I haven’t gone as far as marrying myself but I’ve learnt that I have to put my needs first and do things that make me happy. If you are happy with yourself then you can be happier in relationships and help more people. So I decided that I was going to do more reading as I can absorb myself in a fictional world and forget about my own stresses and this is the perfect book to do that! Can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. hollystockport94 says:

    This book sounds amazing! I definitely need to check this out! xxxx


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