Mummy of a Super Female

Today I am delighted to feature my gorgeous Mummy blogger buddy Three Baby Kisses for a guest blog post. Now she is no ordinary Mummy but a Mummy of a super female.

If this you can relate to this story or you know someone who is affected by this condition then check out the rest of her blog and social media channels.

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Here is her story and journey so far about her beautiful little Ava-Mae.

My little girl has a genetic condition known as Trisomy X (also known as Triple X Syndrome or Trisomy 47) where instead of the usual XX gender pair of chromosomes in a female she has XXX which amongst the chromo community makes her a “super female”!

So what does this mean? Well actually many of the traits (and I prefer this word to symptoms as not all girls display all of these characteristics) are not too dissimilar to many learning difficulties including autism.

◦ Speech delay

◦ Need for some extra learning support

◦ Rapid growth at 4-13 years, with especially long legs

◦ Vulnerability to difficulties in making friends at school age, normalising in adolescence

◦ Increased vulnerability to behavioural and social stress

◦ Mild delay in physical development

(The list seems almost endless and I have edited this down to the most common).

Currently she is still very young to start identifying some of these traits but that’s not what we are about.

Our blog is called Three Baby Kisses as written out it is representative of her condition. We want to raise awareness of this female gender specific syndrome and provide support to other mums and girls with a Triple X diagnosis.

It can be so easy once a diagnosis is made of your child to fixate on the negative and I’ll be the first to admit that I have had my fair share of time feeling anxious, stressed and negative. I have to remind myself that actually we have more good days than bad. There is more positive than negative.

Having a chromo cutie in your life can be incredibly fulfilling. They are often very happy, cheerful and fun personalities that capture people’s attention. I am blessed to have an independent little girl who is happy to play alone and with others. One of her most special characteristics is that she is incredibly caring and loves to share.

While no one knows what the future holds for her we have to enjoy the now.

If you would like to know more about how Ava-Mae was diagnosed then please follow

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  1. Thanks for having us over at square peg! Looking forward to returning the favour soon x

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    1. I’ll get on to it this week xx


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