The Story of the Square Peg and the Tooth Fairy

This is the story of the Square Peg and the Tooth Fairy……a story that Mummy Square Peg had never really thought would even be a story….

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….

The story began around two weeks ago when we first noticed that our Square Peg had a wobbly tooth. He was a little freaked out by it initially and wouldn’t eat anything (not vastly different from his normal behaviour) but he usually eats something. The following day our Square Peg had got over the initial shock and was happy for us to have a look at his tooth and pose for pictures.

The days went by and occasionally I would ask him if his tooth was still in and it was…..then on the Wednesday evening, Daddy Square Peg had taken both of the boys out for a bike ride and he sent me this…

….and said “Not sure when this happened…”

So when they got home Daddy Square Peg said that actually he thinks that earlier this evening our Square Peg was crunching something….so we concluded our investigation and decided that he must have eaten it! Yes not just swallowed it, actually crunched it and ate it….

Our next dilemma was what would happen with the Tooth Fairy because a) we don’t even have the tooth and b) he couldn’t give a rats arse about the Tooth Fairy. We decided, mainly for the benefit of our Round Peg, that we would WhatsApp the tooth fairy and explain what had happened.

That night the Tooth Fairy picked up her WhatsApp message and made a special journey to visit the Square Peg. So the next morning, Mummy Square Peg was bursting with excitement that the Tooth Fairy had been and excitedly said ‘Oh look!! There’s some money for you because your tooth fell out!!’……The Square Peg walked out of the room without a backwards glance…..


P.S. Sorry the ending wasn’t more dramatic.

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  1. Aww what a beautiful story💕💕

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  2. M says:

    Aww so cute! I was actually wondering if you decided to do the tooth fairy or not! Xx

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  3. For some reason the tooth fairy never resonated with me so deeply as Santa (I believed until I was nine or ten and in the end it was the big brother in the family next door who told me and wowzer his mum was mad at him and I’m still not sure if it’s because I was having a meltdown in her kitchen because my world view had collapsed or because she thought it was sweet that I still believed). Maybe it was because we had less money than most of the families in my class at school so the tooth fairy didn’t give me the same amount as everyone else in my class and that seemed odd to me but I also didn’t question it at home because money meant I could buy sweeties XD

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  4. twicemicrowavedtea says:

    Aw, at least you gave it a go!

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    1. twicemicrowavedtea says:

      Forgot to say I came from #dreamteam

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    2. It was worth a try. Xx

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  5. Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I always wonder how to handle these situations with my “spirited”. We’ve never made a big deal about Santa, the Rabbit, or the Tooth Fairy- but even after having the “talk” she adamantly believes in the Big Red Guy, but could care less about the others lol. Priorities, right?1

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  6. Mummykind says:

    Oh I can’t wait for this with my little one! The Tooth Fairy is very advanced with her use of WhatsApp, too! #itsok

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    1. So glad she keeps up with modern technology. Makes life much easier.


  7. Oh I love that! He looks pretty pleased in the photos of the wobbly tooth. What a fab square peg he seems. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam

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    1. Yeah he was quite happy when it was wobbly, then when it fell out he didn’t realise so he ate it. #dreamteam


  8. Hahaha, love how you connected with her via Whatsapp! My son also believes I ‘told’ Santa to come earlier last year (since we were travelling over Christmas and he was very worried Santa would be confused where to leave his gift!!!). #itsok, that’s parenting:)

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    1. I was sure the Tooth Fairy was up with technology these days, thank goodness she was but the Square Peg just didn’t care, not even for his money. Going to keep it going for Matthew’s sake until he stops believing. #itsok


  9. I think the tooth going missing is a common thing. Lots of parents have to do this.


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    1. I know a lot of kids accidentally swallow their tooth but crunching it first and not realising that it might be his tooth might not be such a common thing….😂🤣🧩


  10. Karen Dennis says:

    As a former early years practitioner, I love this story#globalblogging@_karendennis

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    1. I was sure he would have a slight interest in the tooth fairy but he didn’t and I was a bit sad about that.


  11. Heather Keet says:

    Oh my, he ate the tooth! I freaked out when my teeth wiggled as a child, I still worry about that as an adult. Good thing I’ve never had a cavity or I am positive I would have a heart attack at the dentist’s. #GlobalBlogging

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    1. Yes it wasn’t just a simple case of accidentally swallowing the tooth. He didn’t realise what had fallen out in his mouth so he crunched it! 😱

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