The Square Peg reviews……The Mighty Magnifier.

The Square Peg and his older brother just love being outdoors so we jumped at the opportunity to review part of the outdoor range from Learning Resources UK.

We chose to review the Mighty Magnifier. The Square Peg is such a budding little explorer/feral child and loves picking up twigs, leaves and flowers from the garden so the Mighty Magnifier is ideal for him to look at them up close.

The Mighty Magnifier will magnify objects 2x and 8x. To increase or decrease you turn the orange bar on the top and it will flip to the stronger lens. The magnifier is robust and comes with a strap that fits around the head so it can be used hands free.

So off we went into the garden to see what range of little wrigglers we could stare at through the Mighty Magnifier. The Square Peg has a developed a bit of a fascination for ants so he loved looking at them through the magnifier. There is also a light at the top so that you can look at bugs and wrigglers close up in the dark.

However, the Square Peg has the concentration span of a gnat, so once he’d seen one ant under the magnifier for a few seconds he couldn’t be bothered to look for anything else so he went inside…

But his big brother was more than happy to take over the Mighty Magnifier and went out into the garden to spend more time searching for other little things he could find.

The Mighty Magnifier is a great toy to use to learn and enjoy nature. For more toys that your budding little explorers/feral children will love, checkout the outdoor range and lots more at

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